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Pet Tags

Attractive and hardwearing Pet Tags engraved with your information. Let everyone know where your beloved ‘Spot’ or ‘Captain Fluffy’ call home.


Name Badges

Beautiful coloured Name Badges to introduce Staff and Support People. Quick and easy way to make informal business introductions.



Nelson’s largest selection of interchangeable awards. Cups, Sporting Trophies, Silverware and plaques for special moments that deserve recognition.

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A Selection for All

We’ve an extensive range of badges, trophies, pet tags, gifts and gift ideas. Sometimes it’s easier to come and visit us to see exactly what we have and what’s most suitable for you.

precision engraving gear

Specialist Equipment

Our engraving equipment is of the highest commercial standard. We work with you to ensure results and take the same approach whether it’s an industrial order or ‘one-off’ bespoke project.

Pet tags for Jax and Bud

Fur Baby Pet Tags

We have a comprehensive range of attractive, hard-wearing pet tags. In brass, stainless steel or coloured aluminium. We can also engrave your pets name, phone number and address so they can always get home safely.


Trophies for Champions

Our selection of trophies is comprehensive and interchangeable. We’ve everything from individual and team sports trophies, to corporate and impressive academic awards. We also have a host of medals and ribbons available.

trophy Name Plate Engravers Jim

Quality Service – Quality Products

We listen. We care and we want you to have the best. Over the years our reputation has been built on providing quality products and services. Whether it’s a BIG or a small project we take great pride in listening and helping you make the right decision.

Signs from name Plate Engravers


We manufacture informational, safety labels and signs. Our Custom Service’s ideal for electrical signage, letterbox and navigational uses.

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Gifts Name Plate Engravers


We’ve a large selection of giftware for special occasions. Birthday gifts, 21st keys, glasses, silver and pewter ware and much more.

Colours on Badges

Name Badges

We’ve a vast selection of coloured name badges to make perfect ‘first’ impressions. We can engrave 1 or a 1,000.

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What Our Clients Say

We know we’re good at what we do, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve been delivering quality products and fine engraving for over 17 years and here’s what our clients say about us.

“Lovely, friendly staff. Did an amazing job on the board engraving. Highly recommend.”

Ruth Rodley

“Always good service.”

Leth S

“Excellent service with a smile. A rare quality these days.”

Ron Wastney

Our Awesome Team

We are a small team that’s dedicated to offering excellent service and quality products. Stuart and Raewyn acquired Name Plate Engravers from Keith and Carol Ercolano in 2003 and have built on their extensive industry and client knowledge. We are fully committeed to our loyal and new customers.


Business Partner & Engraver

Stuart’s the man busy engraving the trophies with yearly updates. He’s been engraving since 03 and has a vast knowledge of product and technique. He also makes name badges and signage on his Meistergram engraving machine. Trophy assembly and trophy plaques are among his many roles. He mainly uses a Gravograph Pantograph machine and our M40 Gravograph computerised engraving machine. He always makes sure jobs are done on time to the best possible standards.


Specialist Laser Engraver & Artist

Shaun has been with the business since 2011. He is responsible for the design and manufacture of fire panels, along with electrical labelling, plaques and engraved name badges. He also engraves glassware and acrylic and wooden corporate and sports awards. Shaun uses a Universal Laser machine and our CorelDraw art program to produce all his work for Name Plate Engravers.


Business Partner & Sales

Raewyn is the face you will see at the counter. She engraves jewellery and along with Shaun, engraves some of the giftware you can buy in-store. Raewyn is happy to provide advice, along with quotes and ideas for trophies and gifts that might require something a little ‘different’.  Whenever you’re in doubt always ask Raewyn for some insight, guidance and encouragement. All presentation and jewellery engraving is done on the Gravograph M40 or Pantograph machines.