Name Badges

54 Montgomery Square Nelson

You Choose

With our selection of different Name Badges you can have everything from a single name through to a badge that perfectly replicates your  brand and logo.

4 Styles

We have Front Engraved, Sublimation Printed, Reverse Engraved and Metallic Name Badges available. All come with pin or magnetic fastenings.

Made to Last

We have laminate, IPI laminate, aluminium or coloured brass Name Badges. We’re happy to discuss and advise what material will work best  in your situation.

Sublimation printed

Your Brand Upfront

Available with a choice of 3 backgrounds. They are printed and then heat transferred onto metal which sits inside a sturdy black plastic surround. Sublimation badges are suitable for a more complicated colour logo and layers of shading. Most popular with our business customers who want their logo first and foremost.

Reverse Engraved

Professional Finish

Made from a laminate which has a clear surface, we cut into the colour at the back of the badge and infill it with the colour of your choice, giving a flat front surface which is easily wiped clean. We can also apply a gloss resin coat to these badges giving them a professional look and finish.

Anodised Aluminium or Coloured Brass

Corporate Choice

Made by laser engraving the coloured surface of the metal which reveals the metal underneath, then resin coating to add a gloss shine and protect the name badge. These look very professional and have been popular within the corporate sector. 

Front engraved

Easy, Simple and Clean 

We have 19 colours of IPI laminate to choose from. The top layer of the laminate is cut away to reveal the colour underneath. These are hard wearing functional badges, long lasting and suitable if you want a clean cut and easily read name badge.

Badges as Easy as 1, 2, 3

We’ve been creating Name Badges for Nelson and national clients for over 16 years. With that much experience we have gained many insights into the process, below is the usual format it takes to deliver our quality Name Badges. You can always  pop in and check out our full selection at Montgomery Square, or if you’re not in Nelson email us below for how we can help you get the Name Badges you need and desire. 

Name Plate Engravers name badge Elizabeth

Step 1 – Badge Selection

With such a variety we find people usually visit us to make their final choice on which Name Badge option and colour they prefer.  If you’re not local, no propblem, we can have this discussion either over the phone or via email.

Name Plate Engravers name badge Workstar

Step 2 – Badge Details

Once the actual Name Badge is selected we just need a complete list of numbers, the names, job titles, and final colour choices. If a specialist Name Badge is selected we may also require a high definition of your business brand.

Name Plate Engravers name badge Victory community Centre

Step 3 – Badge Delivery

Our Name Badges are usually done within 2-4 working days after Order Confirmation. Once we’ve quality checked all the Badges we contact you to pick up, or sentd them onto a pre-approved address.

More on Name Badges.  Get in touch with us.